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And the award for silliest front panel design goes to….

The QEI Model 691 FM modulation monitor!


It always makes me think of Pokey The Penguin comics.

Please feel free to use this photograph to torture graphic designers.

Sorry about the stray marks, I’ve been asked to respect the secret identity of my client. You’re not cleared for that. Fnord!

Circuit Comedy

Which is funnier? The inductors roasted like weenies or the sticker with a handwritten note that says “Uh”?


HOT lanes explained

See image. This is all you need to know. Contact your state senator and tell them to support SB 250.

Package from our friends over at WPLG on SB 250.

Fone Kompany Phunnies?

We’ve been having massive problems with telecom outages today and may have an insight into the cause….


Sploosh!! It was literally zip tied and attached with “mule tape” to the big blue sewer line.


Remains of fiberoptic cables.


Welcome to South Florida. Beeeeeyotch! ¡De Pinga!

What’s in a name?

They didn’t live up to it.


That was the most polite defacement ever

But alas, the fact someone got in here means I have to clean everything out and ensure there are no curious backdoors now. Still though, I am absolutely loving the fact that whoever posted that used my lulz category and didn’t do any bizarre damage or remove my content.

Kudos to… whoever you are 😉

I’m leaving the post in place because I consider website defacements to be a really interesting sort of digital art, worthy of preservation (in the same way that vintage graffiti is).

On that note, see also:

Hacked By MuhmadEmad

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HaCkeD By MuhmadEmad
Long Live to peshmarga


KurDish HaCk3rS WaS Here





Wake up sheeple! The truth is out there!

N E W  W O R L D  O R D E R  A E S T H E T I C


when you shitpost like this an orange man feels the need to powerful need to sneeze but the inability to do so

This is how troubleshooting our system really works


Especially with the X75’s that will tell you they have an alarm but not which one. Yep..