When Headhunters Strike

I cannot stop laughing this morning, thank you “TRG Resource Group”!

So for a couple months now I’ve been happily working as a maintenance engineer in a television station. I’m really happy with it, but boy did I put out resumes here and there for a while before I got it – I’ve had a few jobs before that I didn’t like.

Some recruiter found my resume on Dice and was… really… disturbingly eager to get me on board. I have no interest in it, but it was for a contracting job paying supposedly $30 an hour. (Contracting, I guess, meaning you have to do all the shit of providing your own insurance, paying SurpriseButtsecksPercent in income taxes, etc…)

He started hammering on my phone every hour, business hours or not, for the past couple of days. He got my Google Voice number off the resume, so I could have blocked him, I was just being lazy and letting his voicemail messages build up. Finally, today, as I was on my way up to my office where I could log into Google Voice from the desktop and click block, he started hammering it again so I just picked up and hung up. He immediately called back and the results were hilarious!

For the record, here’s the job description he sent me – it sounds like “technically skilled administrative pissboy” to me. If you’re interested, why not send him a resume? I dunno if he’s working on commission, on quota, or what, but he sure is desperate. I’d say go to the group’s website to find it there but their site is a comically outdated thing that comes up with an Earthlink favicon.ico file. Hahahahahahahaha so modern. Wow. Very web2.0. So update. Such Frontpage.

Telecommunications Technician


Responsible for warehouse and Inventory maintenance activities. Receiving and dispatching of commodities purchases for the Telecommunications section of Information Systems. Additionally, for installing, maintaining and providing specifications used in the design of numerous electronic and computer systems throughout the Aviation Department., such as: Flight Information Displays (FIDS); Baggage Information Displays (BIDS); Dynamic LED Signage; computers and wired/wireless networks, Cable Television System, exterior dynamic roadway signs, VHF/UHF/ 800MHz radios and radio networks; Terminal wide public address system; Clocks; Automatic Vehicle Identification System; Audio-Visual setups and recordings; Employee Lot Emergency Call System; Security Checkpoint Flex Police Response System; Taxi Lot Airport Entrance Control; Pagers (Beepers); Passenger counting & tracking system; Meeting room setups; Intercom Systems; Music for Public Address and Telephone Hold; AM Radio Station; and other smaller telecommunications systems.


FCC Radio License Preferred
High School Diploma or greater and must also have an Electronic background or vocational certificate in Electronics.

The mystery DAT tape

Someone gave my family a HHB Portadat and it had a tape in it. The content of the tape is…. most curious.

Picture unrelated.

It’s this loop of the same voice repeating a story about telegraph lines over and over while a test tone plays on the other track… Except, then, it isn’t. At one point the tone disappears, background noise pops up, and the voice changes.


Here’s a sample of the two voices.

And the entire tape, if you wish to scare small children.

This is where creepypasta comes from, everyone…

If you’re so smart, explain this, Clarissa



HD-SDI on old RG-59 cable?! How…. No, why, was this done and why does it actually work?


Some day this will hatch into a beautiful butterfly.

I don’t know how this was wired. I legitimately can’t figure it out. Long handled BNC extraction tools aside, I can’t understand how anyone was actually able to see the back of the router to make the connections.



Once in a while, I find myself questioning my direction in life

Seriously, I’m having a great time here, even if my brain does occasionally rattle a bit…

The best photo ever of the Lake Okeechobee toilet flush

Olestra lives!!!
Olestra lives!!!

Image by Leah Voss, Treasure Coast Newspapers…
How to market a damaged destination.

Yeah, uh, looks like what you see in the bowl that tells you that you ain’t going much of anywhere for the rest of the day other than to grab a dose or two of Immodium.

I was up in Stuart this weekend and drove a bit north, then looked at the riverfront on the Indian River… it started raining heavily before I could get any pictures, but the water was dark brown and REEKED. I’ve seen sewage lift station pits that smelled better than this. (Actually… for the most part, unless there’s been no flow for a long period of time, they smell like the scented detergents and soaps that go down them; the brown trout are submerged and aren’t really able to stink things up.)

Now I have something to liken SFWMD to: a lift station in a giant river of shit.
Fairly nasty pit. If those chunks of brownish soap/oil residue break off or build up on the float switches, they can cause drama. Source: Fletcher Property Management.

RF safety? What’s that? WMBM-AM’s tower.

No no of course not, you can’t burn things with RF unless they’re inside the microwave.

Presenting WMBM-AM, Miami Beach, Florida.

The tower stands in a courtyard behind Radio Bar. The courtyard is fully enclosed. Except…….. The bar uses it as an entrance and exit and storage area and leaves it open to the public.

Sorry for blur in these images, I was unable to stop laughing.


Pretty hallway.


To the right just inside.


To the left just inside.

Note that this tower is not on insulators. It is [barely – see below] grounded. The transmitter output goes to a three wire skirt that starts well up out of reach and is fed by, uh, let’s visit that later


Kinda sorta ground. One small wire, about 6 gauge.


See that red square? That’s the transmitter output. Right there. It’s like seven feet up in that corner. You can see the two pipes in the photo above. Only a chain and defaced warning sign (not even a standard RF exposure warning sign) separate bar guests and that.


Possibly remains of an older feed to the tower…. even more exposed.



No, the tower lights don’t work.




This has apparently been how it’s stood for years.

On a side note, here’s an at&t installation. The old vault is on a berm above ground to protect it from storm surge. The VRAD, used to supply PooVerse I mean UVerse television, internet, and kind of sort of phone, not so much.


You’re, uh, welcome.

Behringer – More like MEEEHHHringer amirite?

Due to the fact that this thing is colossal shit and I feel bad for even recommending its purchase, I am going to classify this as 100% PURE SHITPOST. I feel genuinely bad. The thing does actually work…. SOMEHOW… though the VU meters don’t. Only the first four lights will illuminate. Gee I wonder why? (The fake STMicro chips are the drivers.)

I’d been warned many times that Behringer products are of quite subpar quality, and this had always been my impression as well, but I’d never actually opened one up and seen the horror within. This is FRESH FROM THE FACTORY and it’s got blobs of corroded crap inside. ARGH!! At least… whatever was splodged on the board and initiated said corrosion rinsed away with CRC QD Electronics Cleaner…

Tongue surface piercings, or, “none of this works that way”.

Once again, you’re just gonna have to take the word of this random hacker yelling about the poor choices of others:

Don’t do this. (Identifying details censored using the Glitch app.) It’s not something to be proud of.

What you're looking at here is actually a double ID-10T error

So what’s wrong here? Everything.

The human tongue is a very flexible part, as it needs to be. You can’t just go pinning it in place with a rigid bar.

It flexes in pretty much every possible direction. The only way you’re going to be able to get a piercing to not cause problems in healing and everyday activities is for it to just go through.

This one will probably never heal, and both the person who did it and the customer should know better. Well, even if the customer didn’t know better. Would I willingly wire up someone’s electric kitchen appliances using 16 gauge lamp cord which would get hot faster than their dinner and cause an electrical fire? No. Should a piercer agree to do something this stupid? No.

Just don’t. It does not work this way. None of this works that way. This is bad and you should feel bad for it.

Thanks, Bill.

Now, there are still risks and complications with having it done right, but at least that can heal – mainly I’ve heard of problems with the jewelry wearing into the teeth or gums.

Yeah uh sure, you can trust me saying all this, I’m the guy who had to search for the lost tiny ball whenever a DJ had an accident with a captive bead ring failing to keep its bead captive. The really crappy little 16 gauge ones from Hot Topic launch it at the lightest brush against one’s headphones. The best was when one went right down a headphone jack and lodged there — the DJ’s survival was guaranteed only by the fact she ordered me dinner from the Latin American Cafe while I replaced the jack with an old school indestructible leaf spring Switchcraft from my private stash.

More horrors from a local shop that’s managed to place themselves as the epicenter of all things ratchet:

I do not possess a frame of reference in which to place this level of utter disapproval.
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