Recorded using TapeMachine for Android….


Not bad… I just bought the full version, it’s $5 and actually allows basic editing and high quality recording on Android including real-time flac encoding!

And then I used it to record washer noises.

Shut up.


The TCFWcard!


I wonder if my Fivestars rewards card will still like this?

When I first scanned it, the user data areas were all just blank. Fivestars likely just uses the card id number as a user id token and that’s all.

I still like to imagine somewhere a server is getting mad and leaking a rainbow of colorful pastel suds, of course.

At least I was nice and didn’t turn it into an SQL injection card. Yes it’s been done.

Sorry about that horrible French Curve accident, bro

Okay I get it, the juxtaposition of sweeping curves and sharp acute angles has an edgy sort of aesthetic appeal…

But please. Stop. With. The. “Tribal”. Tattoos.

In my opinion a tattoo should have some meaning to you and not just be a meaningless pile of broken drafting tools.

For your amazing originality you win a severely incomplete set of bus schedules.


The tri-sign adventure

So I started working at the Miami Children’s Museum again on the exhibits team and boy, did they have some puzzles waiting for me to solve when I got there!

One broken rotating billboard sign (I have no clue who made it, and this is a good thing, because I’d otherwise yell at them)
One SparkFun Redboard
One Pololu motor driver

One 24vdc power supply from Marlin P. Jones

One ginormous Leeson 1/4 horsepower right angle gearhead motor


(and that’s just where I lost count)

This is the guts of one of those three panel rotating signs, like you see on billboards. Note the dead variable freq drive controller at top.

This sign was designed with absolutely no consideration for maintenance once installed. It’s totally ridiculous. The triangular aluminum rods that the sign panels are snapped into lift out (I discovered this after fighting with setscrews on their bottoms for most of a day thinking that’s how they came out!) revealing… a ginormous nigh impossible to access Bodine AC 3 phase 208v motor being driven off a Delta VFD… Uggghhh!!! The VFD was toast, its programming was unknown, it all had to go!



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The Nozzle is now calibrating.


If you’re gonna be in charge of advertising for a pest control company called Nozzle Nolen and your mascot is an elephant, and you’re putting ads in a fairground restroom, you MUST make a silly “nozzle” joke. Somehow I missed photographing that sign but it said “now that’s using your nozzle!”.

That’s just how the universe works.

Also, I couldn’t stop thinking of “Please stand by, we are now calibrating…. The nozzle.”

Oh yeah the Stuart hamfest was great. I guess I wanted to say that but then damn you Nozzle Nolen elephant you distracted me so.


The Orange Line that never was.

This is the downtown terminal for the Metrorail Orange Line to Miami International Airport. It’s missing a few little bits and pieces here and there.


Years ago I was oddly fascinated by the fact that this exists. The original plans for the Metrorail system called for there to be an Orange Line to the airport, but instead of it mostly sharing the path of the existing Green Line, it would have sailed right into downtown Miami and undoubtedly served a lot more areas of the city on the way.

Elevators in Government Center station had their floors labeled Orange Line and Green Line until they were modernized in the mid 2000s.

The Orange Line as it was built finally is a tiny puddle jump from Earlington Heights to Miami International Airport with no intermediate stops.

There’s an enticingly inspiring little tail track beyond the MIA platform, which brings mental pictures of a line continuing south a bit then going west after the airport’s southern perimeter.


There’s a path where the track would have gone, either straddling or replacing a surface street.

Cool, but useless.

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