The Tropical Meta Prediction Center issues its forecast

This is what you will be seeing in all broadcast media in the near future and oh what a glorious time to be alive

And every last inch of me's covered in Gaston

The above image was used in the fabulous YouTube Poop “Beauty and the Beastiality”.

You know at this point that storm could leave me floating out to sea and I couldn’t even be mad because I’m just going to keep thinking of Gaston’s song.

Fictional or not, he’s the only dude I know of who can break a belt with his neck muscles. I still can’t really grasp whether that’d be realistically possible or not. Does human anatomy even work that way? I did snap the collar button off a dress shirt once, but I feel that’s not much of an accomplishment. It was actually kind of amusing at the time because it fell right in my hand.

Seconds later, a random person suffered the curse of falling trousers.

I dunno, maybe the only reason I’m posting that is because it’s amusing that it momentarily looks like he’s
wearing a collar.

Try as anyone may, you can’t scrub the old goth out of me. Old school goth troll. That’s me.

Harbor Freight has yet to learn about “quality fade”

Quality fade is the unfortunate massive ugly side effect of Chinese outsourcing which causes a product to become utter garbage with successive manufacturing runs.

I am suspecting what you’re looking at here is two different runs, one specified to be cheaper than the other. The new cheapened one got a different SKU number, 93928. The original was 62778. The original weighs about twice as much and well uhhhh


The bins have all buckled out of shape!

Ridiculous. As for why I’m even here, you can’t buy anything like this in any of the other stores around here for less than $20 each and they’re built like the one on the right. At least they still had the older ones.

I think I’ll try defying gravity

The birds had better not pack THIS ONE full of ficus berries.

Okay you can stop reminding us about the broken roof cam …

This thing is a fun sort of puzzle to figure out how to climb. The answer is..... ow my arms are on fire

Morning Poo

It’s comically clear there’s no love given to those radio morning shows anymore…

As of this morning, the Elvis Duran show is banter on how they’re not prepared to do any of their typical features, Paul and Young Ron are talking about how old and decrepit they have become, and I can’t even find anyone else’s shows on the air behind the 10 minute commercial sets.

What an amazing age to broadcast in.

Brown trout.


Okay, time for conspiracy theories.


Please forgive this unusual departure from the usual content on this site. Actually, it’s… Going to sound like the typical conversation of a ham radio operator, and that’s unusual for me.

The US is burning… And you may not know until you’re caught by the flames.

The 2016 Presidential election is a sham.
I’m calling it election theatre. There is not a trace of democracy about it, and the endless chain of scandals tearing apart the Democratic party and the extremely unfavorable candidate selected by the Republican party, also supposedly the source of massive dissent, are both being used to make the public feel angry and powerless.

Civil unrest is being actively promoted. Why, I’m not sure. I’ve seen others working under the theory that it’s the lead up to a staged civil war, but I don’t believe it’s coordinated to that end. It does seem like it would be a hilariously quick way out of a number of mistakes made by the US government, but I doubt that’s the end goal. To be it seems more likely that it’s an attempt to further cement the class divide that’s constantly getting deeper. This brings me to…

The class divide is not an accident.
Those who hold the money and power in our economy want two classes.
The rich, who can play the markets, lend money, and bring in foreign and domestic investments to businesses that exist mainly to boost the value of stock that they hold, and….
The poor, who are permanently restricted from moving up, while being held to paying the majority of taxes…. As well as essentially paying de facto taxes to the rich via crushing fees attached to the services of the banks they are limited to using. Guess where all that money goes…

Staged economic collapse
The big housing market fueled crash of 2008 was a disaster to most.

To most.

It was extremely profitable to some.

It will happen again, most likely as another round of sudden bank failures.

Import crash
US corporations have been spending the last few years getting out of the US as fast as they can. Corporate offices have been inverted to other countries, research, development, and manufacturing have been moved offshore, and we just don’t have many vital products and services available anymore without farming them out to another country. We’ve also denied an entire generation the ability to learn any skilled trades. This leaves us extremely vulnerable… and all it will take is the stroke of a pen to leave us scrambling to keep our standard of life while paying many times more for vital things like food, clothing, medicine, and the tools needed to survive, travel, communicate, and so on…

Nobody really knows what the TPP will do but there’s a chance that it being signed into law will be the disruption of imports that it takes to kick this into effect.

Healthcare failure
We’ve all seen this one. It’s a quick race to the bottom under way now as the industry focuses more on squeezing people for profit at their time of need, and the standards of care are going to slip. It’s less about getting people well and more about getting them in as much debt as possible. This too will eventually crash just long enough to cause nearly impossible access to medical care and record high prices to become the norm. Remember the closures of hospital ERs in the 90s that led to costs going up by an order of magnitude, wait times going from minutes to hours, and the replacement of ER services with urgent care centers not held to the same standards of care for the same costs as were once charged by the hospitals? Yeah…. The shareholders do too.

Assorted corporate bullshit
The bills that are presented for voting in Congress are written in part or full by lobbyists, not elected officials, and the elected officials are not able to review more than some supposed key facts of them before voting. This combined with a fake president will lead to some serious issues.

How do we fix this? I don’t know if we can. At this point it would require a government that actually offers transparency and takes public input…. both of which are now very much out of fashion.

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