Uh yeah sure we improved it 

Months ago, this road that serves as the only access to a large gas station and a warehouse park was inexplicably unpaved.

This is it in rare form: not flooded. There are drains in the middle of it but they stand six inches above the road surface. Sorry, you didn’t need that oil pan, did you?
I’m blaming this one on the Bermuda Triangle.

when you’re the quality control for Chinese electronics

I bought an iMax B6AC battery charger and it turns out to be a “clone” – a fake!

I’ve read that the fakes tended to have massive calibration problems, leading to defective cell balancing, but…. I got lucky. They all match to within .004 volt.


I’m still not using this charger at high power levels since thermal management is questionable at best, but it works…


You know you’re the first one to vacuum around the news computers in a while when you start vacuuming up entire bowls worth of petrified dropped breakfast cereal and end up with…..


How many…. years? Decades? Has this even been lost?

My composure has left the building for the remainder of the day.

HP: locked up like Fort Knox.

Thanks, HP*, we really didn’t need that awful unnecessary number of choices should we need a replacement or larger power supply on your workstation computers.

+12, -12, +12Vsb, who needs more? Not you

Let’s take a closer look:


Half the motherboard is power converters with questionable thermal management. Your drives are being powered by the motherboard. Dafuq?!

If that wasn’t strange enough, note “P2” there.


“power comm”

Go. Fuck. Yourselves.

* I am not even sure anymore if it’s actually Hewlett-Packard or just someone who licensed the “hp” trade dress. Even Compaq was never this hilariously dedicated at forcing vendor lock in. Hell, this is even worse than Dell with their power supplies that have nonstandard plugs and housings shaped like a Lego brick unsticker. At least those actually, you know, supplied the power. Holy shit on a stick.

The Wahl IsoTip NiCD destroyer

Well that decades old mystery is solved: why your damn IsoTip battery is always shot.

Dumb charger
Sadly digikey no longer has this part, but it's not exotic, it's two nicd sub-c's
The pins are simply connected across the battery
The bottom of the red plunger pushes the brass contact down to close the circuit when you desire heat

A replacement is available from Amazon and PartsExpress for $17. Unfortunately the dumb charger will eventually kill it. If I buy one of these I’m stripping out the charger guts and wiring it to a smart charger that stops when the battery is full.

Fuckery of the finest grade

Pure unadulterated dicksnot.


This shall be etched on your tombstone after you kill yourself driving like this.

Not even your given name. Just “pure unadulterated dicksnot”.


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