When your BrightLine isn’t

Oops! Never trust a semiconductor fart.



Looks like the IRF840 MOSFET lost its Magic Smoke and shorted (Magic Smoke is both an insulator and conductor) and unwarranted voltage got back and explosively decapsulated the controller IC.

I bet this one went Snap Crackle Pop.

This was from an older BrightLine florescent stage light. Newer versions just use a couple of little Advance ballasts instead of a big arse custom PCB. I’m upgrading it to the new hardware.

Oh i bet the viewers smelled this one at home!!

Image post test

Testing to see if uploading images full size works again….

Please disregard, no actual information is contained in this post. It’s not signed The Management, is it? Yep. It’s not official.

Foxtrot Mike Lima

That kind of afternoon where you started out with half your receivers inaccessible because you got trolled by the Troll and you have to share one between two units that have their packages up close together in the lineup



Uh yeah sure we improved it 

Months ago, this road that serves as the only access to a large gas station and a warehouse park was inexplicably unpaved.

This is it in rare form: not flooded. There are drains in the middle of it but they stand six inches above the road surface. Sorry, you didn’t need that oil pan, did you?
I’m blaming this one on the Bermuda Triangle.

when you’re the quality control for Chinese electronics

I bought an iMax B6AC battery charger and it turns out to be a “clone” – a fake!

I’ve read that the fakes tended to have massive calibration problems, leading to defective cell balancing, but…. I got lucky. They all match to within .004 volt.


I’m still not using this charger at high power levels since thermal management is questionable at best, but it works…


I mean, Reduction of Life Cycle. Am I right or am I right?

Finally it seems that Western Digital started using better lead free solder on their hard drive logic boards.

Now, Seagate… more like Peegate, yet again it looks like someone pissed on the board.

This one has yet to exhibit the failure mode in which that piss-oxide creeps under the pogo pins leading to the spindle motor, actuator, or head stack, and causes a (sometimes repairable) failure.

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