Vintage television broadcast site erotica. WCKT-TV, 1957

This post is rated R— RCA!!! This is the transmitter site for WCKT-TV which later went on to become WSVN-TV, then WSVN-DT – the new digital site is across the street.

Okay normally I’d save the best for last but— here you go. I COULDN’T WAIT.


There was no A/C at the site in these days – the large stylized funky vent in the ceiling was connected to a large supply or exhaust fan.

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Amazon fail.

Ordered: a Samsung Galaxy S4.

Received: A jar of peanut spread in a box with lithium ion battery warnings on it.


I’m not kidding. This is the most hilariously epic failure I’ve seen all year. Let’s hope Amazon fixes this soon.


This. This is the most perfect, most cheezy thing ever. You know why Miami sucks nowadays? It’s because WSVN stopped producing beautiful things like this.

I literally can’t stop finding things about it that I love. It’s got… dancers aboard Metrorail. It’s got ridiculous music. It’s got PUPPER SMOOCH. It’s PERFECT IN EVERY WAY.

Rest in peace, poor security guard who apparently evaporated over in the production control room. We suspect he was absorbed into that Grass Valley switcher.

How do you even let this get past QC?

Ordered a replacement screen and frame for my broken Galaxy S4.

What came just… failed


Original frame at right,  motherboard next to it.  Note the puzzle piece shape that accommodates those SMT parts.


Old at right,  new at left.  Note no indent for those smt parts.


Foiled by Chinashit. Can’t blame me for trying can you?

Oh it’s one of those new age free energy amplifiers

This is from the schematic to a Tytera MD-380 radio.

Shown here is the mic preamp. I was curious to see what this looked like as transit audio quality and level are said to vary a lot from one radio to the next.

Unless I’m missing something – there’s no way for DC voltage to get in there and let those transistors do their job.


Annotated to show where capacitors block DC:

Looks like Miami traffic at rush hour--- it ain't getting in or out.

I’m considering buying one to play with but. .. uh… only somewhere with a good return/exchange policy.

Party like it’s 1999



The yellow encased object is a video field delay line. It’s a fixed delay (mechanical / acoustic) that allows one field of an interlaced NTSC* picture to be overlaid on the other in case of a tape dropout. They’re normally found inside VCRs. Why do these monitors have them?

This set of ancient monitors eventually got too tired to really work and may be up to 17 years old. Not a bad run really.

*Never Twice the Same Color.

The Watchman

When I first started working here, I noticed this beautiful but shy little man hanging out with our night watchman.


He would only get close to a couple of people, anyone else would spook him into running off.

One day, he stood on that little wall and gave me a squeaky little meow to come over, and now every day ends with this:

Nope, you can't leave, I'm in your hand

I think every broadcast facility should have its own fuzzy creature watching over things.

It's all good, we've got Sargeant Beantoes on watch

There’s another cat around here from time to time but he’s evil so let’s never speak of him again. He’s out there. Watching. Waiting for another victim to lure for a clawing… But he won’t get anywhere near this sunny orange sweetheart.

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