Apollo Solar TSW4048 and TSW3224 DIP switches


The Apollo Solar TSW series inverter/charger is a newcomer to the renewable energy market which brings a surprise: worldwide power grid compatibility! Here’s what you can do….

Need 50 Hz, or 230/115v instead of 240/120? Remove ALL power sources from the inverter – grid AC and battery DC. Press the standby button and let the inverter try to start up if it hasn’t gone dead already. It should just make it through the countdown and bleep out. Remove the four screws on the top cover and try to lift it off. It’s a pretty tight fit and you may need to pry carefully. I used a plastic knife as not to scratch the paint.

Once the cover comes up, carefully move it up and to the right and push the plastic eject levers on the LCD board’s connector apart. The ribbon cable should come free. Set the cover aside.

The two dip switches are on the top of the control board, the same board where the ASnet and temp sensor cables go in.

Switch 1 – closest to the battery terminals – sets voltage. Down is 240, up is 230. Switch 2 is the frequency, down 60, up 50.

After setting these, blow out any dust that’s accumulated if the inverter was previously used, reconnect the LCD cable, put the cover back, and restore power. If you didn’t get the cable back in, the inverter will play dead till you fix that. No harm done really.

There are a lot of other parameters editable from PC software – I’m not set up with that yet but I’ll post about that once I get all the bits together.

Fun fact…

The “FX” in the part number of the OutBack Power FX series inverter / charger systems stands for “Fuck Xantrex”.

I love it.

OutBack was basically started by some engineers from Xantrex who were disappointed with the way they saw the company being run (into the ground….) and spoke up, and were laid off as a result…. flash forward today and they make some of the best renewable energy products in the world.

Say it loudly and proudly, FUCK XANTREX! 😀

Buzzwords I cannot stand.

I think this goes right up along LSSU’s list of words to be banned from the English language. Here we go….

State Of The Art: Says you.  State of whose art? This is useless.  I could be saying my buggy whips or laundry stoves or washboards are state of the art…  Sure,  they may be up to the latest advances in buggy whip technology but they are still obsolete.

Award Winning: Here is another useless one.  What award did the product win? Best Product For Use When You Need An Emergency Doorstop?

Short list,  but dear Eris it just had to be said

Xantrex sounds like it should be the name of a drug anyway

Xantrex Technologies, now Schneider Electric Renewable Energy, has some of the worst customer service policies and procedures in place that I’ve ever had the misfortune to experience. One new development from them is complete and immediate discontinuation of warranty support and service for any product that has been discontinued. Say you just bought a whole wall full of XW6048’s at around $3K each … Well, too bad, if they go out of production tomorrow, they’re totally orphaned and you’re stuck with them, working or not — and I have been seeing major quality fade on their products as of late!!

Their new charge controllers, the XW MPPT 80 600, just look like a hot mess. A demo unit that arrived at work came to us with internal cables unplugged; I can’t be sure if they just didn’t connect them at the factory or if they came loose in shipping. When the sun comes up over your pv array and puts up to 600 volts onto the controller, do you REALLY want to find out there are loose parts rattling around in there? Reeeeally? (DC arcs get really mad.)

OutBack Power has some new 8000 grid interactive watt inverters with split phase output out now. Let us all rid ourselves of the stupid Xantrex XW system. Pleeeeease.

Also, just fyi, 54vdc kinda stings like a mother*?+!er. It feels like a fire ant sting.

pic related.

pic related.

miami-dade, you disappoint.

This afternoon I was riding the Metromover from Omni to Government Center, and a guy who looked very grungy got on and kind of just collapsed in the corner of the train and started taking a nice long huff off a computer “air” duster can, then blacked out and dropped the can. Other people aboard the train laughed, I called 911.

I reported our location and the guy’s condition, and that he was nonresponsive. The dispatcher told me to ask him if he needed rescue and call back. I refused to accept this as a solution. Next, she said there was nothing they could do as we were on a moving train. It pulled into Eleventh Street, which I reported to her. Again she replied there was nothing they could do. I just pretty much kept her on the line until he regained conciousness. His face was totally wrecked around his mouth from frostbite.

He got off at park west and walked off. So he’s not dead YET, but it’s only a matter of time, and it’s clear that Miami-Dade County doesn’t give even half a taxpayer-funded shit.

Anyone know how to clear a BlackBerry out of emergency callback mode?

Amateur Radio Study Guides

Someone on #hamradio (on Freenode IRC) recommended these study guides for anyone looking to take the Technician or General class amateur radio exams:
KB6NU’s Manuals – available in pdf and for the Nook and Kindle.

Miami and Tampa Frequency Lists for the Wouxun KG-UVD1P

Hey, it’s me, I want to give you some good frequencies…

Miami Area Repeater Listing

Tampa Area Repeater Listing

Use KG-UV Commander to edit and transfer the files to the radio.

1 69 70 71 72 73 74