The Slaughterhouse Apparel logo and T-Shirt

Or, “I do things other than hack radios”.

I’m probably sharper and pointier than the barbed wire.

A while back, Dominik at Slaughterhouse Apparel was just getting his amazing line of post-apocalyptic grunge fashions going and he was looking for a logo.

I designed one using a composite of textures sampled from photographs of decayed materials around the office of the moment to make it look like old stencilled paint on a surface that’s all being slowly reclaimed by the elements.

Then, he had it screen printed on T-shirts and I just had to have one. Yes.

In the photo above, the jacket is another creation of mine and this was the perfect chance to see that it really does a good job of looking like rusty, weathered metal as intended! 😀

Here’s one that shows the design (and me eating hair from the wind) better.

Seconds after this, the weather changed to “Laserwash 4000” and I had to make a run for shelter. Ah well…

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