Loafing Around

When Cassie warms herself in the sun in the window…

Now with Maximum Purr Point Tracking solar charge control

…. She rises into a quite happy kitty loaf

I uploaded these peetsies and as far as I know they’re not on any posts, so I’ll place the peets here

New Password Policy!

Your Password:

  • Must be at least 14 characters;
  • Must contain the word “penis”;
  • Must contain no other dictionary words but penis;
  • Must contain at least two numbers and two special characters;
  • Must not contain any part of your username except for the word penis;
  • Must not be the same as any of your 24 previous passwords.

Your username has also been reset to “penis280419az”.

Moral: don’t piss off those who support your systems.

The P is for PINGAS

Sandy Beach says hello

My IT director at work calls this assistant Sandy Beach. She’s a little sweety floof.

She do an biiiiig steppy

I don’t think she’s become a regular reporter on Good Day Sacramento, but I’m sure they’ll be handing her the microphone soon.

A useful musical meme

Turquoise Nautel Sun

All this funky new block editor stuff and I still don’t get the insert media from URL option to add a YouTube video? Come on, WordPress…

Boards of Canada – Northern Plastics … The first time I heard this track was as I was driving up around Alder Springs in the Mendocino National Forest. It all worked so nicely.