Be the reason someone’s beverage comes out their nose from unexpected laughter

Someone in a chat I’m on asked an AI to write them a story about colonoscopy and 75 meters and this came out

Once upon a time, in a small town called Riverview, lived an elderly gentleman named Henry. Henry was known for his love of amateur radio and spent countless hours tinkering with his equipment, making connections with fellow radio enthusiasts from all around the world.

One sunny morning, as Henry was preparing for another day of radio adventures, he received an unexpected phone call from his doctor’s office. They informed him that it was time for his routine colonoscopy, a procedure that examines the health of the colon. Initially, Henry felt a wave of apprehension and worry. He had never undergone a colonoscopy before and was unsure of what to expect.

As he pondered his upcoming appointment, a thought struck him. Henry wondered if there was any way to combine his love for ham radio with his colonoscopy experience. He thought it would be fascinating to communicate with fellow radio enthusiasts while going through the procedure.

Being a resourceful and creative individual, Henry reached out to his radio friends and shared his idea. To his surprise, they loved the concept and immediately came up with a plan to support him. They agreed to meet on the 75-meter band, a frequency commonly used for long-distance communication, during the time of his colonoscopy.

On the day of the procedure, Henry arrived at the hospital feeling both nervous and excited. While waiting in the pre-procedure area, he carefully set up a small portable radio and tuned it to the designated frequency. As the doctors and nurses prepared him for the colonoscopy, Henry engaged in conversation with his radio friends, who provided encouragement and distraction.

As the colonoscopy began, Henry found himself immersed in lively discussions about radio equipment, antenna designs, and past radio adventures. The comforting voices of his friends resonated through his headphones, keeping his spirits high and distracting him from any discomfort.

Throughout the procedure, Henry’s radio friends shared their own stories and experiences, creating a sense of camaraderie that eased his nerves. They cheered him on, sending their well wishes over the airwaves, while the medical professionals skillfully conducted the colonoscopy.

Time flew by, and before Henry knew it, the procedure was complete. As he bid farewell to his radio friends, he felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for their support during this unconventional journey. The experience had not only eased his anxiety but also demonstrated the incredible power of human connection, even in the most unexpected circumstances.

Henry’s colonoscopy adventure became a legendary tale within the ham radio community. Other enthusiasts began discussing the possibility of coordinating similar experiences, recognizing the profound impact it could have on those facing medical procedures.

From that day forward, whenever the 75-meter band crackled with conversations, there was a gentle reminder of Henry’s story—a reminder that through the magic of amateur radio, people could come together, support one another, and turn even the most daunting experiences into something remarkable.

Picture unrelated

Silly felines

Oh, you wanna know what happens when you totally spoil an adorable little kitty with all the love and scritchies?

Why hello there

Surprise, it’s never enough. You get yelled at for mooooooore. MOOOOORE!

My butt. It has no hand on it.

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening!

(Won’t you scritch my butt?)

I love this silly little baby so much.

Time to open up the Crayola box again

Heck the rules. Post colorful nonsense.

I’m really pleased with this edit of the KOVR / KMAX STL stick.
Bench top at work

The print up there is by Amara Goldwalker and has a kitty looking out on a neat neon cityscape in it. I have another print of one of her paintings that’ll probably go near my bench at home which has some neon jellyfish action going on in it. I may or may not have gotten her up to this by sending along photos of the jellies doing their thing at the San Francisco aquarium…

Mighty need.

This is probably in Akihabara but would be 100% right at home in any maker/hacker space!!

The following cat is absolute bebby:

Welcome to the Vaporwave Suites

If you look carefully at the texture you can entirely see what I got the colors from. Extra hint: it is…. everywhere throughout this site. :3

I’m gonna have to elaborate more on how utterly cool this old Leader oscilloscope is in a post that’ll require a little more brain foam than I have available right now
very useful feature of the NanoVNA

That’s Fry’s Electronics right before it imploded completely. Even in that sad state it still had more useful products in store than anything in Florida.

Finally… I just randomly scored two Ergotron keyboard/monitor arms. These were $600 new and are just fine aside from some dust and a couple missing screws, washers, and nuts lost when they were removed from service. Guess I now have a solution to the computer taking up too much space on the home workbench!

Let’s rotate the board.

Several times in my adventures working on broadcast transmitter sites, I’ve walked in on a facility absolutely roasting itself to death because the batteries died in a digital HVAC thermostat.

Today was another one of those and it was the strangest. I’m not even going to try to explain what the hell happened because I don’t even know, but I can tell you that apparently, the Maxiva XTE exciters react by just turning everything into a bad game of Numberwang.

In all seriousness though, one exciter developed massive phase noise which led to viewer complaints of not being able to watch the channel, and the other drifted off frequency and wouldn’t go back. I wonder if it’s got packing foam glued over the oscillator like the old Apex?

Another day in paradise
Hooking up the GPS antenna along with the external 10 mhz reference… Look at this graph! But alas
This whole thing is uh, never mind, here’s some TCFW.
Picture unrelated, but I just love how this looks with translucent circuit boards.


One of these days I’ll fully fix the web server issues with this site. Today is not that day but I do like the result of changing the LEDs in these kitty eared headphones to near-UV colored ones (similar to NTE’s “Super Purple” color). Well I fixed ssl so uh meow