Behold this absolute steaming turd. One of the engineers was ordered to do this by no less than three levels of our chain of command. I refuse to touch this shit. It’s a violation of every imaginable safety standard and every shred of human decency. In fact I don’t even want to acknowledge its existence. Get this out of here.

Also, hhhhhhhhhhh

Noot noot

Well tomorrow is when some magical spells will be cast and I’m very excited for it, but I can’t say what’s happening until it happens, because.

So I’m shitposting about it, and posting random silly images. Stay tuned out there in TV land.

Satellite system can’t find a signal. Solution: try severely side eyeing it
Some group I am in was doing this post your glow up and… Yes
Back focus on this! Ha, no wait, don’t. Reminding myself to post a PDF of my silly printable back focus chart

Ok WordPress stop eating the images

Wide open spectrum up there.

Apparently, Galaxy 17 is pretty interesting to tune in nowadays on a Ku band satellite truck, there are exactly three transponders known to be used on there now and they’re all intermittent event feeds. Only thing coming down from there is the beacon.

And in case you’re wondering if you can fit Tauros in the truck:

hey this isn’t my pokeball! let me out of here!