Aaaarrrggghhh!!! Bad!

There are few things that genuinely make me horribly disgusted, but one of them is this, and there are no pictures for your reading pleasure.

It’s when someone has their ears pierced with a gun and stud earrings with a “butterfly” back, and the butterfly backing gets embedded in their ear.

Arrrgh. No no no no no no!! Weird plated mystery metal doesn’t belong against a new piercing at all but when it gets stuck there that’s just asking for horrors.

My guess is in the first place it gets embedded following irritation or it’s happening because the back was put on too tight initially and not removed until the problem had already gotten too bad for easy removal.

Please do yourself a favor, don’t use this barbaric method. See also: Why Piercing Guns Suck – in which hilarity occurred to some professionals who would ordinarily have never used such an engineering mistake.

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