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hi there, i need a combiner care package from Microwave Filter Company, thanks

Sadly, we DO actually need antennas pointed three different directions, but that’d let me eliminate one of the dishes (not seen in the picture here) that’s mounted all janky and was able to be spun around by the wind.


Well, so much for that PEI print bed!

I was getting progressively weirder leveling on the last couple of prints I ran on my Monoprice Select Mini V2…

The original BuildTak clone sticker on the build plate failed, and actually managed to kill a nozzle when it did by snagging on it, so it was subsequently YEETed into the nearest trash receptacle and replaced with a PEI sheet. Now, that PEI sheet I got came with a big sheet of 3M 468MP adhesive transfer film which I used to apply it to the bed after cleaning it up and scraping off some stubborn bits of the stock sticker… You can see the PEI sheet here after it’d been sanded a few times to improve adhesion with some regrettable no name eBay PLA filament.

The blower and fan duct are the result of the stock fan proving inadequate.

It worked great until I found a print I ran today twisted up like a funhouse mirror, the adhesive under the build plate all bubbled and torn, and the PEI raised up and warped on one side as if it tried to rise like dough.

And suddenly it dawned on me, like every time I see someone’s photos of their printer on the Facebook group, they have binder clips on the edge of the glass or PEI bed. Oh gee, I wonder why, could it be that this method of fastening it Just Works without any complications whatsoever (as long as you don’t place them where they obstruct moving parts and, thus, find themselves YOTE into space?)

Yeah. Worked perfectly, though I think I might do it with four clips next time to avoid the PEI sheet lifting and warping the print (not sure if it’s actually doing this — the first layer showed no signs of leveling issues, so it may just be perfectly fine).

Speaking of Monoprice printers…. My Mini Delta decided to inexplicably spring back to life when given a very old SD card with the Marlin firmware build! I was about to rewire the whole thing to a RAMPS board, but now the stock controller came back. Flippin’ weird.

I now have an Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus that’s waiting for me to figure out how the heck to set the delta parameters on as well.

What craziness is all this??!!

Addendum: it takes a lot of clips. A LOT.

Oh that’ll wake you up

The RMT for this month came through just GRRRRRRRRRRR-EAT!!!

Warning: Replaying these files on any broadcast station or cable TV system is a violation of FCC rules. Yes, there are people who would be ignorant enough to try it otherwise (oh hi Bobby Bones show).

This is the end result with Billy and Patrick being very very confused…

The actual audio received by the SAGE Endec:

Had this been an actual emergency, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.



there are no words. Someday I will try to come up with words in the process of writing a notice of retirement, but that day is not today.

The really fucked up one is an Armstrong tube transmitter from the mid 1990s.

The tape wadded splices are in the ~8000 volt plate supply. Also in this collection, a Nautel that ate a BNC lead that then ate several expensive RF transistors.

🎶 I am barely breathing, I can’t find the air 🎶

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Nautel nightlights.

Weird old Italian STL receiver I put in service after a nice new Armstrong XLink went deaf

Additional folderol. The crazy manifold is a concoction by Steve Wilde. The voltage reading on the service panel at exactly half voltage is from the days that PG&E lied to us and said the power was fine while wires sizzled away downed in the snow

What fresh winter wonderland is this?

Apparently this part of Interstate 5 only has drainage until retention ponds fill up…. then the ponds take a sudden piss on the road.

The only way around this is very slow so I’m actually using the trafFUCKED tag again!

The slow reveal

I’ve had this same building appear in my dreams three times now and I’ve wondered what’s up with it. It’s a pale yellow building, and I’m thinking it’s somewhere in an older section of Miami based on a couple of details, but it might not be. It has two floors above ground and one below. The middle floor has come up as having a center entrance/lobby that’s no longer in use and a space that’s open on one end to the outside, and it’s shown up once as housing a little cafe/bodega, and once as housing an ice cream shop. In both cases, a hallway towards the center of the building accesses a restroom and kitchen area to the other side of that center entrance.

The center entrance is the intriguing part though. As you go through it, there’s a space where a narrow wooden staircase would have once stood, since removed. It would have gone up one floor to a hallway to where there are some living areas, and down one floor into a basement level which continues WAY out of sight. There is no other obvious way to get into the basement level, but the living areas above seem to be in active use.

It’s partially built into or against a hill.

The first time I saw it in a dream I just noticed the basement level and missing staircase. A roughly built wood railing would keep one from walking into the hole. I began to contemplate sneaking in a ladder somehow so I could climb down there and see where it went.

The second time I was in this building in a dream, someone had sort of covered the hole with plywood but it was really obvious it was still there.

The third time, it was back open again, and I found the entrance to the upper level. A staircase outside the other end of the building took me up there and it was a hallway to some apartments. The hallway had amazing royal blue carpeting.

However, this third time, I was reading SOMETHING that gave the history of the building, and had diagrams, showing this building and others nearby. It had been constructed in the late 1800s out of wood and stone or coral rock. The basement level wasn’t a floor of the building, but rather an opening into a tunnel system that connected at least a dozen different structures in the same early settlement! The tunnels were originally kind of a happy accident, the result of an excavation during the construction process that the builders found would be trivial to just cut-and-cover to leave as a set of passages for everyone to use, shielded from the weather. It kind of barely went below actual ground level at that point because this building was built on a hill, and continued into the hill or ridge to go through two other residential buildings, a church, and a theater. Only the church remained in its original form. Someone’s account of having gone down the tunnel in recent years was in this article, where they found someone had partially filled that branch with concrete, but not enough to limit passage to where it went under a nearby street.

In this third dream appearance, the side of the first floor opposite the ice cream shop also housed a small datacenter room.

I wonder what the significance of this may be?