Burning the SWR bridge?

Yeah I can look this fabulous at a transmitter site at 1 AM and you probably can't.
Your evil Quest is over

Harris Broadcast’s sales and support team yelled at me recently for speaking rudely about their company. To be fair, I can now see why, they’ve really cleaned up their product line and support since my dealings with them around like, 2007 or so.

It’s actually kind of hilarious in a sad way that this happened.

That being said I actually think it looks like their FAX series transmitters look quite respectable, and I’d actually consider recommending one for a station now. I’m also glad their service department will still speak to me after that whole mess. I was just needlessly mad after having to deal with a couple of their older, now thoroughly discontinued products.

Yes, this is *THAT* transmitter sitting behind me in this picture… the execrable Quest series. I titled this post as it is after the hilarious directional metering coupler I found inside one of the two units upon which NONE OF THE COMPONENTS HAD ACTUALLY BEEN SOLDERED TO THE CIRCUIT BOARD! They were all through-hole parts, and were just hanging on by bent leads and/or friction. Thankfully, it would seem that they have since really cleaned up their act. 🙂

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