The 2015 Miami Children’s Museum Haunted House

I totally don’t remember taking these photos — probably the result of having taken them after having to work 16 10-16 hour days straight. Some of them are in weirdly soft focus and the EXIF data says they were shot with very long exposure times, so I must have had the camera in my hands.. somehow. I have no clue. Either way I’m glad I’ve got them because that haunted house was totally badass.

Blacklight painting by Ashley H.

On a side note, thanks, Olympus, for making your camera firmware fill out just about every text field in the EXIF with “Olympus Digital Camera”. No of course that doesn’t cause WordPress to do useless “helpful” things. No way

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deadmaül sunset


one of those dead malls
blank walls and a smell of cleaner unbroken by nonexistent human inhabitation
‘discount stores’


who still fills the fountain? automata?

actually all the same store

same chinashit
different husk
  same smell of plastic and stale urine

booth in the corridor that provides free echoes

canvas covered mystery lump

booth that advertises they make keys and pierce ears
  apparatus for one is stored on top of the apparatus for the other

hollow buzz of shorted neon

imagining where the arcade must have been

the food court

the orange Julius

Chess King?

the exit door screeches open into–


the night


Image composites/manipulation done in Autodesk’s Pixlr app.

You know… Autodesk… The company that brought us all CAD software for turning engineering dreams into reality? Oh they make realities all right.

What happens when you spend way too long buried in cables

They start to absorb into your skin or something… and the result just looks awesome.


A couple of kinda severely rough pictures of what it looks like from behind:

Yes, that's a space pug.

After I figured out how to get the foam strips to behave more wildly:


Believe it or not, the hardest part of this was just trying to figure out how to get my hair into the right sort of bun to secure it to. I tried wearing it with my hair down in a ponytail and that led to utter mess in mere seconds — I guess I haven’t figured out how to rock the best of both worlds yet. After taking it all out later my hair is comically big from being rolled into a bun. Just can’t really go wrong here.

This whole piece weighs damn near nothing. It’s just really light and springy.

The Slaughterhouse Apparel logo and T-Shirt

Or, “I do things other than hack radios”.

I’m probably sharper and pointier than the barbed wire.

A while back, Dominik at Slaughterhouse Apparel was just getting his amazing line of post-apocalyptic grunge fashions going and he was looking for a logo.

I designed one using a composite of textures sampled from photographs of decayed materials around the office of the moment to make it look like old stencilled paint on a surface that’s all being slowly reclaimed by the elements.

Then, he had it screen printed on T-shirts and I just had to have one. Yes.

In the photo above, the jacket is another creation of mine and this was the perfect chance to see that it really does a good job of looking like rusty, weathered metal as intended! 😀

Here’s one that shows the design (and me eating hair from the wind) better.

Seconds after this, the weather changed to “Laserwash 4000” and I had to make a run for shelter. Ah well…