Dear Coinmach…

Your machines are bad and you should feel bad for this.

This machine caught fire while trying to wash my laundry. I’m not sure just what happened, just that it filled, never agitated, drained, and caught fire. I found it with smoke still seeping out, and my laundry sitting wet inside, now with an added horrendous smell of burnt plastic.


Speed Queen smoke. Don’t breathe this. No, really, don’t– it gave me a really bad headache that just won’t go away.




(It smells like burnt rubber and bad lunch meat and the surface foams vigorously. How. Why. Bluygghhgghhgghgbbggg)

When a picture is worth a million words

….the next thing out of it was “Failed to communicate with the ScanSnap”… I WONDER WHY??

Sorry, the Sketch Aquarium just doesn’t like you anymore.

The fix for easily moved radio knobs

First off, our radio knobs were too easy to turn, causing them to get unexpectedly muted or knocked off channel.

Second, I fail so hard at shitposting. I always want to just fire up WordPress and drop a useless shitpost on here then I think of something actually useful and informative. What follows is a failure to shitpost.

I’m still not exactly calling this a great post because I’m too lazy to edit the images.

Step one: pull the knobs off. Pull straight up. The knob may be tight on the shaft, just don’t apply excessive force in any direction if it is. Be patient. On this Hytera it was pretty easy to pop off.


The recess here is what we’ll be modifying. Cut two little circles out of craft foam, mouse pad, inner tube… Whatever rubbery thing you have handy… Or use rubber o rings. It don’t matter.


If there’s no hole in them yet, fold in half and cut a slit.


Press it down the shaft and all the way into the recess.


Reinstall the knob. Test to see that it moves and has more resistance. If there’s no effect, add another layer. If it doesn’t fit back on there, remove it and try a thinner material.

This took me about two minutes per radio I did it on and eliminates annoyance like nobody’s business.

The first time I did this mod was on a Baofeng, so I’m gonna add the shitpost tag. You’re welcome.

It’s my party and I’ll shitpost if I want to

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