The hell was THAT?

At 06:15:06Z the MySQL server on this host shut down. When it came back up, it didn’t recognize the password for my database user.


Going back in there and resetting the password restored everything.


There are… pretty much no clues as to what happened in there. I’m not seeing any signs of intrusion or anything (for once!)… I’m thinking…. gremlins.


Carry on then.


Yeah about that

Pay no attention the fact that this STL transmitter antenna installation looks like something generated by Shiv Integer ….

Not seen here– there’s a second pole with one more on it…. And no means of preventing the pole from turning….

Then at the other end, months ago, the vertical and horizontal got mixed up… Surprise, after fixing that, some meters now move farther to the right…

You poor STL, show us on this Smith chart where the confused engineers hurt you….

It’s happy again

The Shittening is over!!!

Turns out, well, it was my own damn fault – I had phpmyadmin installed, forgot all about it, and the Chinese spambots were just hammering on that until they got in.

Meanwhile, the city of Redding got hammered by a foot of snow and couldn’t deal. I’d rather take the SQL cleanup over that.