Catgirl thoughts or something

Never forget your 80s badass catgirl roots

So in my last post I got really mad over Grass Valley Group products really not handling blatantly obvious bad timecode well. Rest assured this also affects their iTX master control/automation product and I’m really glad that didn’t toss its toys right out of the pram on my shift.

Well, I tracked down the problem, and it’s a very bad one with the main and hot spare master timing generators being completely hosed up and the automatic changeover being a spaz.

Please don’t forget this kitty’s got claws.

Let’s just say the only way out of this one is an emergency capital expenditure request that’s being made as I speak. The servo balanced LTC output is somehow half burned up on the working one of the two and this can’t be fixed without taking the unit out which means NOOOOOO TIMECODE *whistle boing*


That remains unfixed but I’m really happy for an unrelated and wonderful reason.

Anyone remember when I had THAT director of engineering back in Miami who made a huge deal about it being totally unacceptable for me to reflect as anything outside of my boring old birth assigned gender role?

Yeah that’s apparently not a thing at all here. I’m so glad. I think at worst maybe one of my coworkers was very slightly confused because he was used to referring to me by male pronouns and I guess kinda questioned that for a moment but that really doesn’t bother me at all. I have thought maybe I should introduce myself using they/them to avoid confusion but… whatever works.

Oh and yes this was me being rather lazy, really I just wanted to wear my favorite dress at work somehow and then realized I had a set of cat ears that matched it! It worked out so well and everyone was trying to figure out what anime I was from. Well….. I’ve often thought a somewhat ridiculous anime about broadcast engineering should exist— think maybe what you’d get if you crossed Azumanga Daioh with a TV and radio station. Meow.

Before the deadly lazer rose
After the deadly lazer
I’m just gonna throw away my black eyeliner, bright colors absolutely suit me better

I wish to point out something ridiculous here. In the photo I took in the dark, a lot of that light reflecting off my dress is a whole stack of windows open on my desktop PC as I give our ChyronHego graphics systems their weekly, uh, wash, rinse, and tri-color foaming wax or whatever. These things are high maintenance and just as I was about to leave for the afternoon to go take a cat nap, the Camio Luci component of…. whatever….. Blew The F Up.

Guess what turned out to secretly actually just be Software As A [dis]Service with a weird local hardware-ish interface to the on site newsroom automation all along?

*Scooby Doo villain unmask scene!*

Yeah apparently ChyronHego support told us yes they’re down and we can’t generate any supers or lower thirds because…. Blurrrrrppp. Excuse me, I think I need to go sharpen my claws on the cat tree.

I wanted to use this in another post but it didn’t wanna upload, it seems appropriate for this Camio thing.

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