One of these days I would love to get my hands on the husk of one of these stupid machines, install a wobbly fascia over the card slot mimicking a badly installed skimmer, hollow it out, put an ill fitting monitor behind the window and a single board computer inside. Upon a user inserting a card and entering a pin number, both of which will promptly be discarded by the software, a small but powerful blower will launch a shower of glitter over the user and a receipt will print yelling at the user for swiping their card on such a dodgy piece of crap and explaining the risks.

Maybe then others will realize just how dumb these mini ATM’s truly are.

They’re insecure, can even be outright completely replaced by a compromised device, and are likely a pretty good source of card skimming fraud.

And even if it isn’t compromised, the fee is $WTFPILLAGE.

Look at this stupid unmatched pin pad. Could you even remotely consider taking this seriously? I can't. WTF.

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