Brand new from Motorola Solutions…!

Wow, an amazing new product from Motorola has just started showing up on eBay!

Unlike the old GP68, this one even does narrowband and has a flashlight!

On the upside this is likely to be the only “Motorola” supported by CHIRP… oh pay no attention to the fact that its codeplug and FPP methods are fully compatible with the Baofeng UV-5R… 😉

It’s being sold as the “Motorola GP328L”. There’s a GP328, but it doesn’t offer a flashlight. Come on zombie-Motorola, get in the game!!

4 thoughts on “Brand new from Motorola Solutions…!”

  1. Sorry about the bad new. This transceiver is really a Baofeng BF-UVB2. I am owner of one of them, buyed in and after passing three days with it trying the rig I must say that is one more of the low cost (and low results)chinese talkies. If they are trying to selling it like a Motorola quality transceiver it is only a commercial joke. No user manual, bad firmware, no specific PC software, no designed speaker-mike, no specific USB PC interface cable, the DC power supply broken after 10 minutes using it…. Cheap, yes indeed. 8-(

  2. Got one the other day to try out. It actually works pretty well considering I’ve got $54+ shipping in it. Dual band w/ FM, 128 Channels, 4 watts. If you want the commercial version of Motorola prepare to pay for it. I’ve had it for several days and it still intact. I’ll use it as my travel radio. Thank you for the info. 73’s John

    1. It’s a baofeng, so it’s okay as long as you didn’t pay extra for the “Motorola” brand name.

      It’s about like a pair of flea market sunglasses with “Oakley” labels on them.

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