So my apartment is getting new cabinets and the crew working on it messed up in so very many ways…. but the worst of all is they moved a large bottle of dishwashing liquid onto the carpet, where it leaked.

I don’t know what my amazing luck is with having to get spilt liquid soaps out of carpets, but it’s always the same horrible procedure: try to suck out as much as possible with a wet vacuum then repeatedly spray down with water and extract mountains of foam.

I bought a wet vac from Home Despot for the occasion. The instructions said you can leave the filter in for picking up small amounts of liquid….

Let me just say this. When you want foaming wax in a car wash, what happens is that the solution is injected into a chamber along with compressed air. The chamber is filled with a fiber media that basically gets soap bubbles formed in it that are then entrained and blown out of the line by compressed air.

Inside my vacuum, soapy water saturated the filter as air travelled through it. Soon it began splooging out the exhaust port.

I must have emptied over 100 gallons of foam into the toilet before the cleanup was mostly done. The sink drain wouldn’t work with the foam but it would slowly, comically sink down the terlet. The filter’s prognosis is unknown.

Grood. It’s like great. And uh good.

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