For when just a few watts of horns.aiff aren’t enough


2013-10-07 18.04.56I forget just what was going on at the moment but I drew this depicting the best way to say “NO” ever: warm up a big honkin’ transmitter, hit plate on to put it on the air at full power, and blast horns.aiff… Or, better yet, a loop of alternating horns.aiff and the soundtrack to nope.avi. Sure, why not.

I wish the blower on the big crybaby of a Harris Z16HD+ I maintain blew out the front like that to create dramatic hair flowiness action. Ehhh… I’m just sufficiently happy with it when it’s not popping blower motors like candy.

This is my "HD Radio" face
This is my “HD Radio” face

Okay maybe it kind of does if you open the front PA cover and let it go all leaf blower. I dunno.

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