Great, now I need to know why there’s a WASHDRIVE switch

Since I’m having my car serviced for a transmission valve body issue*, I’m taking the bus and train back to go pick it up and it’s nice off hours. There’s plenty of space for social distancing….

And yes, everyone’s still wearing masks.

But while aboard an otherwise empty train car, I started looking at the control panel through the glass. I mean, it’s some serious industrial design elegance, it just does what it does, for a million plus mile ride.

Odometer reading: almost a million.

But then I noticed something you may not be able to see in the picture: over on the left next to the power/service brake handle is a key switch labeled WASHDRIVE.

Is this something that works with the automation of their wash tunnel? And if so…. do they have tri-color foaming wax? One has to wonder, as you do.

Posting of even less relevant material follows.

I’ve always wondered the function of this weird looking thing. And it is….
… To serve as a weird looking thing. Maybe a vent too.
Odd triangular pixel LCD that does a remarkably nice job of showing text clearly and in an easy to read manner. This is its narrow text width.
Color accents on one of the state buildings
Lain power line noises intensify

* 1700 dollars later I find myself thinking I want a manual next time, even though, unsurprisingly, the CVT does better on the fuel efficiency front.

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