Harbor Freight has yet to learn about “quality fade”

Quality fade is the unfortunate massive ugly side effect of Chinese outsourcing which causes a product to become utter garbage with successive manufacturing runs.

I am suspecting what you’re looking at here is two different runs, one specified to be cheaper than the other. The new cheapened one got a different SKU number, 93928. The original was 62778. The original weighs about twice as much and well uhhhh


The bins have all buckled out of shape!

Ridiculous. As for why I’m even here, you can’t buy anything like this in any of the other stores around here for less than $20 each and they’re built like the one on the right. At least they still had the older ones.

2 thoughts on “Harbor Freight has yet to learn about “quality fade””

  1. Thank you for writing this. I have an old one that I use for hobby storage and need another. I saw the two SKUs and had no idea what was going on. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  2. Thanks for the observation. I noticed the two different SKUs for what was clearly the same product and was also wondering what was up.

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