Harris Z power supply rectifier notes.

For future reference to myself and everyone else, so I don’t have to keep searching my email every freaking time:

On the Harris Z series transmitters, the SCRs used on the rectifier board may be either one of two kinds. They may be a current part made by Littelfuse or a discontinued one made by (this has escaped my memory banks, sorry!)

If you have the newer board, you have Littelfuse S6055R SCRs on it. If you have the older board, your SCRs can be replaced with the S6055R. If you’re me, you replace them with the S8055R, which is the same part in every way EXCEPT that it can handle 800V reverse voltage instead of 600. (Probably comes in handy in avoiding blowout during power surges?)

Here’s yer SCR.

Troubleshooting: You will receive fault code PSx_TAPy where x is the power supply number and y is the tap number. Try clearing this fault as it may be set by a voltage transient. If it recurs in the same place, disconnect ALL power to the transmitter and pull out the power supply drawer from the bottom. You will need a second person’s assistance. I found it easiest after removing the blower from the back as well. Test each fuse on the rectifier board identified by the fault. If you find blown fuses, change them and try again. If you find fuseholders that look like they’ve been hot, change them.

However, if the fault persists and the fuses and holders are all good, change the SCRs. Using a vacuum desoldering iron will help a lot. I used my Hakko 808.

Voila….. no more jet turbine mode. 😉

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