How do you even let this get past QC?

Ordered a replacement screen and frame for my broken Galaxy S4.

What came just… failed


Original frame at right,  motherboard next to it.  Note the puzzle piece shape that accommodates those SMT parts.


Old at right,  new at left.  Note no indent for those smt parts.


Foiled by Chinashit. Can’t blame me for trying can you?

2 thoughts on “How do you even let this get past QC?”

  1. (copy-pasta from Tumblr because I don’t if you’ll get it there)

    You bought the wrong frame. There’s a [whole boatload of variants]( with

    * 3 international variants (GT-I9500, GT-I9505, GT-9506)
    * 2 variants for SK (SHV-*)
    * 6 variants for 5 different US carriers + an unlocked GSM LTE variant ( GT-I9505G is unlocked; SGH = GSM, SCH = CDMA, but only for the US)
    * 3 variants for China
    * A variant for Japan
    * A variant for CA/MX
    * Another variant for CA
    * oh and bonus: two CDMA variants for the US.

    These are all named the “Galaxy S4”; Yours is an GT-i9505 (international) while you bought one for (possibly) a CDMA variant.

    1. What’s bizarre is the label and software on the phone call it the 720… Not the gt-i9505, though that is what was stamped in the original frame??

      Wonder if they swapped internal components due to parts availability or something?

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