How to properly wurf. You douchebags.

How to properly wurf.

Whenever dealing with old electronics, you will always run into some annoying tart who exclaims, “but look at wat its wurf on da eeeeebay!!” and waves an unsold buy it now listing in your face. I’ve written about this previously.

Here’s how to properly wurf.

Step one:
Skip bathing for a few days, rub the contents of an ashtray all over yourself and breathe through your mouth.

Step two:
Go to eBay and sign in. Don’t have an eBay account? WTF are you doing wurfing anyway? Repeat step one.

Step three:
Search for the desired item.

No no no! That's not how much it's wurf.

For this example I’m using the Yaesu FT-101 which is a 30 year old HF radio, great for its time but now dated and a pain in the ass to maintain due to dwindling availability of PA tubes.

This is where your truly awful wurfers stop, upon seeing that high unsold buy it now price.

Step four:

Click Refine.



Scroll down. Set condition to used unless the item is brand new in original packaging. Otherwise I’m gonna have to stab you.


See that Show More option? That’s a magic button, pressing it will allow you to attain true wurf.


Tap sold items. This will check completed as well automatically.

You have wurfed. Tap done and view the results:

Guess what, twatchute, you're not sitting on a goldmine.

Yes, you can do the same thing from desktop eBay search, but most wurfing takes place on smartphones now.

You’re welcome.


6 thoughts on “How to properly wurf. You douchebags.”

  1. At most hamfests you can find a FT-101 or one of the variants for $150-300 depending on condition. I’m not sure why anyone would want to pay for shipping on such a massive radio.

    1. Every year back in the early ’00s I heard the same thing, “nobody’s going to sell at hamfests anymore! They’re all going to eBay.”

      In the early ’10s as hamfests began to fade away, everyone said “nobody’s selling on eBay anymore! They’re all coming back to hamfests!”


      Either way you have two kinds of sales at hamfests: the really good deals and the people who improperly wurfed and based their asking prices on that. I yelled about that in another post on here.

      1. At our local hamfest there are two people who keep bringing the exact same radios and equipment, except with a couple additions, for the past 7 years. If you try to negotiate with them they will tell you that they are worth it and that they won’t take any less than the asking price. I have seen these exact same people at many other hamfests in the midwest with the same stuff as well. You would think that eventually they would realize that they aren’t going to get that much for their equipment.

      2. Amen, brother! I’ve seen clubs holding onto untested HeathKit SK donated stuff “wurf $500 and not gonna take a nickel less!“

        Never sells. Gets trotted out annually. Packed again in someone’s garage until next year.

        1. Or the old and common radio with the original box, manual, and warranty card, but none of the now long unavailable modules and filters and stuff to make it fully useful but they think it’s worth more than the original retail price in the 80s. 😉

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