I dunno, let’s go dig in the packing peanuts

Sometimes you just find yourself soaking the business end of a weird 3d input device in isopropanol just because, ok

I’m just posting various strange things this time. Also, cats, as usual.

She could care less about anything else in this broadcast facility other than the feline rump warmer.

I finally did my hair again. I’d just been feeling so burned out for weeks and never got around to doing it and that was just sad.


So I got a new waveform monitor, a Tektronix WVR 500, and I’m wondering why it decided to show me its PP

The waveform
The waveform of the waveform

There’s a lot of stuff going on in there. Like I suspected, it has an I/Q demodulator in analog circuitry prior to digitizing the result for display. The Dallas brick stores the calibration constants and I hope it lasts okay. The Dallas bricks that don’t have an RTC seem to hold up a couple decades at least.

I like this goofy battery powered plasma ball so I gave it a USB cord for power
Extremely useful meme about cable management and hair care
Oh dear (this is what the poor WVR500 arrived in!)
Sometimes it just gets stuck in its own head I dunno
Sunset in a ghost town in the a Sierra Nevadas

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