I’m pretty sure this just means “PC Load Letter”

What is it trying to tell us?

But what does any of it mean
I’m pretty sure you still have power so why this
Hang on why are you—
This meme provided by a helpful bobcat
Tri-color foaming wax

And now for a lovely afternoon’s shitposting

Either I’m not the first one to have to repair this IFB receiver and a pad got lifted, or it’s all just supremely weird in there and required these bodge jumpers by design I dunno

Choose your fighter: weird embedded industrial PC that rebooted for no good reason or Spicy Pillow

SDS100 badonkadonk

The Uniden SDS100 has a bootay

Spooky post office after dark. The mysterious altar looking table always gets me.

I guess I left a helpful note here at some point
If you have a whirlwind pinball you must do this to it. I’m sorry I don’t make the rules

Whirlwind has a fan in the back box topper that runs when lock is lit or multiball is running. This extra fan was switched on along with it and it’s perfect. Sega’s Twister has the fan too.

I both hate and kinda like this lamp for stupid reasons. It’s plugged in alongside the 3d printer and flickers softly as the bed heater cycles.

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