In which things are very colorful

Ok so I recolored my hair and can you even blame me for not being able to get over how amazing it came out?

More silliness follows

I acquired two of these.

Back to fighting to keep one of the last MII decks going to retrieve file footage… It had been kinda working but had artifacts that look like someone dropped a nice psylocybin-bearing mushroom down it. Following that, the loading ring locked up after making a disturbing thump. I just don’t wanna, especially considering this deck tried to kill me at one point by breaking its rack mounting rails and launching at my chest while I was working on something in the rack. It weighs 95 pounds. That’s why it lives on the Cart of Shame now where it can’t hurt anyone.

Speaking of mushrooms, here’s a dumb leaky thing. It leaks only when it’s cold outside and the water winds up in the studio below. Wtf?!

Several years back, this happened. It kinda barely made it to highway speeds too!
I have questions
Black Lives Matter
Every time I see this stock image I wonder what that board is in the background. Looks like a gpio card I’ve used somewhere.

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