Meanwhile, in The Cloud…

Radio repeaters

The Walnut Grove Tower Amateur Radio Club, K6DTV, now has both VHF and UHF repeaters. Cool. The UHF might need a better duplexer though. I’m on the lookout for better cans.

Meanwhile, down below, the GatesAir ULXT got hungry and started eating engineers*.

Really, we were changing out a PA backplane where one of those little D shell connectors had gotten too toasted by a loose contact incident. It was an insane process, three of us were taking turns working on the beast, and we had to take out both backplanes to get in because the connectors on the cables from the backplanes to the 90 degree hybrid splitter mounted behind them collided, making it impossible to get it out past the divider that forms the rack between the power supplies and pallets.

Eventually after that and another half hour or so of Fonzieing modules back into contact, green lights.

And blerp. I tried to get a picture of Cassie yawning and got blerp. I love it.

* Really the company calls us maintenance technicians.

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