Mind your Ps and Qs, you derpcastle.


Okay so don’t get me wrong. This thing works and I’ve seen it do so.

However, reading that LCD doesn’t inspire confidence, for the firmware is full of typos.

A few seconds into a phase sync, “PHASE” becomes “QPHASE”. “ANGLE” becomes “CAKLE”.

What the?!

Oh GE… How the mighty have fallen.

On an unrelated note, a silly moment from this morning:

KE4QPF, adjusting camera levels in his silly perpetually annoyed looking state: “Wow, the anchor is coming in bright. The only way you could come in that bright is if you’re goth or—”

Me: “Well, I’m goth and I’m not that bright.”

“You … just…. walked…. into that one.”

DERP!!! 😀

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