Mold-Mart. The mold at Walmart.

So I’ve already contacted store management about this several times and it hasn’t been fixed beyond a quick wipe down of the surface the price labels are on — I’m hoping if I publicly yell about it here this will get fixed. This is the dairy case at the Walmart in Hallandale Beach, Florida, on Hallandale Beach Boulevard. And here’s your glamour shot of black furry mold. Delicious, right?! Ewww. Come on guys, mix up some bleach and water and spray that crap down till it’s gone. Pressure washing the shelves may actually be necessary the first time around but a maintenance procedure is gonna be needed to keep that mold off.


One thought on “Mold-Mart. The mold at Walmart.”

  1. Dude, just contact your local health agency or what ever you may have down there in the USA…Pissing and moaning should get some results!

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