MPX looking glass

So, if you happen to have one of those nice newer digital oscilloscopes that has an FFT mode…. watch the composite output from your processor on it while making adjustments. Not only do you get a nice little (albeit skewed due to preemphasis) audio spectrum view, but you can also tell what’s going on in the stereo image!

On a side note I found a silly bug in the Siglent oscilloscope. There’s a race condition. About half the time you hit the PRINT button to save a screenshot, you get the “Saving…” indicator on top of the waveform in the screenshot. It’s not huge but it’s silly.




No, I didn’t lose the knob— I just don’t have an Allen wrench to secure the setscrew on the big metal knob the Omnia 6 came with, so it’s temporarily sporting a little knob stolen off an old Marti. 😀

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