Now that’s PA efficiency!

My theory as to what’s happening when a Crown Broadcast transmitter reports a VSWR below 1.0* is that it’s managed to oscillate in such a way that a wormhole has opened up around the antenna system that’s actually sucking the radio waves right out of the system and porting them into another dimension, where listeners are happily enjoying the mysterious signals.

Be sure to inform your sales department that potential sponsors can be heard in alternate dimensions!


2 thoughts on “Now that’s PA efficiency!”

  1. I’ve seen a Gates Air Fax10 report a 0.9:1 VSWR too, I’m not sure if that means it’s actually 1.1:1 and someone oopsed with the sign of some number somewhere or possibly it’s detecting the RF off another station on the tower getting confused?

    1. GatesAir stuff has driven me up the wall before with its reflect calibration. I just kinda fugghedaboudit. Life’s too short to worry about it as long as the reflect power is in safe limits. 😉

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