On FTDI USB Serial chip problems and the Arduino Nano

The Arduino Nano is pretty cool but when using it for a project recently, I found that I pretty much had to pull it from its socket to use the USB serial interface for programming or a serial terminal. If the chip had received power before USB host connection was made, it would never appear to my system and programming was impossible. It was rather maddening.

The issue, as I found here, is that pin 26 (TEST) wants to be grounded on the FTDI chip.

There’s a ground right next to it, and you can delicately solder bridge them. Hopefully Gravitech will implement this on their boards right from the factory 🙂

It’s kinda sad there’s this rough spot, as the Arduino Nano platform has some cute hardware available for it… itty bitty little thing’s the size of a wide DIP package 🙂

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