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See that eBay auction listing printout attached to the top cover? That’s the “I’m a douchebag” sign! This is really a complaint I have with sellers of used electronic equipment in general; it’s been observed in everything from thrift stores to individuals selling gear at hamfests, even garage sales. The printout is for a listing for another unit of the same model with a Buy It Now price – this does not mean that anyone would ever actually buy the unit at this price. Nevermind the fact that the eBay listing is for one listed as fully working and this one, well, the extent of its functionality is that you can plug it in and turn it on and a very old muffin fan with dried out bearings sloooowly growls to life.

This whole concept of trying to use eBay prices, ESPECIALLY *UNSOLD* eBay listing prices, as a guide for pricing on unrelated items elsewhere is completely stupid. Some people will insist on selling stuff for the unrelated item’s eBay price, or insist that they’re giving you a great deal because it’s lower than the eBay price. Well, no… that’s comparing apples to oranges, it just doesn’t work because it’s two totally different items.

“USED WORKING…” … dank douchecanoe.


PLEASE STOP DOING THAT. I used to hold my tongue about it when I saw people doing it in the past, but nowadays I call them out on it, because I’m some kind of sinister goth troll and will proceed to shame them for being full of proverbial manure when they try to shame me for offering less than the eBay price on some piece of equipment they’re selling. Just as I wasn’t going to pay the stupid high eBay Buy It Now price on this thing to whoever’s selling it on there… I wasn’t about to here either.

(Wound up getting it for $25 as part of a deal for a really nice power supply that was sitting next to it anyway… it was one of those “Can I give you this smaller amount for it so you don’t have to lug it home?” things.)

Sorry, now that you’ve watched me venting about this stupidity here, here’s what you really came to my site for:


All circuit boards shown beyond are over 18 years of age. 🙂

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And they’re done!


Radio Shack, who once were a big name in electronics, of course, have finally failed entirely. As of today the news is that they’ll close half their stores and sell the rest to Sprint (because Radio Shack themselves proved just how profitable selling cell phones on America’s shittiest network is!)

Since Radio Shack was the last surviving business under Tandy Corporation (which renamed themselves Radio Shack Corporation) this means they have truly come full circle and have run themselves out of business like each and every one of their ventures.

Now let the clearance sales begin I guess… The store where I photographed this pack of knobs labeled as fuse holders was still fully stocked and selling items with extended service plans as of now but has not discounted anything.

On this day the Losing Horns echoed over the airwaves…

What’s up with Perimeter Road?

Yes, this is me whining about traffic in Miami again, at least somewhat.
To the south of Miami International Airport, there are two roads. There’s a small surface street, Perimeter Road, and a large cluster-f-bomb toll road, 836 / Dolphin Expressway.

Recently 836 switched to open road tolling with quite unaffordable tolls and extra bonus front facing cameras on the toll gantries that photograph the faces of the occupants of a vehicle while dazzling them with a high power strobe (WTF?).


Perimeter Road just remained as it was until about last week, when signs went up declaring it to be used for airport traffic only. Additional signs indicate it’s now part of the airport’s secure area and anyone using the road is consenting to search and seizure of their vehicle or its contents.

What, may I inquire, the Fuck?
Does MDX just really want everyone paying $1.50 and up for the privilege of getting parked up on the 836, or was this the result of some new aviation security directives?

Nothing and everything surprise me here.


When you’re stuck in a small dark little cavern for a couple hours with one of these boards you start to really appreciate how nice the backlit buttons are.


Also, making use of that little BNC jack gooseneck lamp thing is a very good idea.

Well, you’re correct in that…


If there even is a pushbutton under that, I’ve never seen it – it always has a cardboard box taped over it.

Sunshine Petroleum Distributors, always concerned for your safety! (Noooooooooot.)

Sadness and the WRGP rebranding.

I apologize in advance, I tend to get a little politically incorrect when you take something I held dear, grind it to dust, mix it with dirty sewer water from the pipes under the campus Burger King, and shoot it through a Pepsi machine.

Years ago when I was in school I was working for Radiate FM, WRGP-FM 88.1 FM Miami.

Radiate promo image by Dr. Sprock.
Radiate promo image by Dr. Sprock.

We called it Radiate FM, the Radioactive Underground.

As of about the middle of last year it fell under new management, and subesquently, down the proverbial toilet. Staff who had been with the station for years were suddenly fired for merely playing songs the new general manager didn’t like, the conditions under which one could get a show on the station changed in very awful ways, and it generally just lost all its staff and character.

I very much enjoy one former staff member’s review of the new format he posted to Facebook using their emoji feature:

radiateRebrandingIt’s now just “WRGP, FIU Student Radio”, but it’s not there for the students anymore. It’s there for the new general manager and her sorority buddies. That’s about it.

I have no idea if their new transmitter installation is finished or not (whatever the hell is in that room nowadays, it bleeds like hell and I’ve had to replace and shield the hell out of cabling in the next room over to keep a modulation monitor and Arbitron PPM decoder happy!). Either way, they’re on the air, and you can tune in any time and enjoy them becoming progressively less and less enjoyable to listen to.

Back when I worked there, we were reminded by a few engineering consultants that the station’s license including its two translators were worth about $25 million… we tried very hard to ensure that none of the consultants would convey this information up to Mitch Maidique, who had the campus named after his grubbing slimy ass as part of his golden parachute, since he was hellbent on liquidating and lend/leasing every part of the university they didn’t absolutely need to remain in basic operation and keep attracting new students.

Meanwhile we had a pretty damn huge base of loyal listeners who really enjoyed our programming, from South Florida and all around the world via a streaming system I set up. The budget wasn’t there for like, a proper system like Streamguys or whatever, so I just pretty much put it all through Icecast on a Linux box and it allowed as many people to stream as would fit over the pipe the university gave us. We won the Miami New Times award for best radio station for several years, beating out WVUM, which is, well, WVUM. (Stay tuned for my thoughts on WVUM’s programming some time, it’s kinda… silly…)

One of many, many godawful video billboard installations around campus.
One of many, many godawful video billboard installations around campus.

Several times it came up that there was some group that really wanted the license for a while to convert WRGP into an NPR affiliate (you know, in addition to WLRN-FM just across town?) and remove all the student participation and programming… The school thankfully said “not for sale… for now.”

"I'm wearing this shit eating grin because I just scored another few million for me and my bud Armando Codina!"
“I’m wearing this shit eating grin because I just scored another few million for me and my bud Armando Codina!”

Hell, the building that contained Radiate’s studios, classroom space, the university bookstore, and most of the student life offices almost got converted into a shopping mall on several occasions.

And we held out for this?

Their new logo isn’t even worth posting, it’s just a vaguely soundwave like line behind the letters “WRGP”. Yawn.

I’m not totally sure how Radiate could return to its former glory now, as the new management and media board worked together closely to ensure that only current staff members, carefully handpicked by the new management, can provide any input to the media board on the station’s image and charter… maybe someday when they all graduate, there will be an opening for someone who actually knows how to run a radio station. Until then, sit back and laugh at those fools gradually starting to gravitate towards an oh so hot early 2000s mallcore sound on 88.1 WRGP-FM Homestead, 95.3 W237CP Miami, 96.9 W245BF North Miami Beach……..

Dell… What a turdbrick…

Can’t use it as a computer, can’t even set it on fire. This is why I’ll never willingly buy a Dell.

Do not try this at home. I am a Certified Broadcast Technologist and juuuuuust irresponsible enough to do this without setting myself on fire as well. 😉

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