Oops, I’m spoiled rotten now.


I just realized how badly spoiled I am from this piece of modern technology. This is a PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2 digital mixing console. Each channel, buss, and aux has its own equalizer, dynamics processing (gate, compressor, limiter), and everything can be stored and recalled in scene memory including the faders. They’re not motorized on this board but that doesn’t really matter. There are also two internal reverb processors that sound perfectly okay.

What’s going to happen now when I have to mix on an old analog console where it doesn’t even have a weird sounding analog compressor on the mic in channels?

I’m up the creek, man. Spoiled rotten. Perhaps I should squirrel away a few pennies for my own console with digital snake (ADCs remote mounted; only an Ethernet cable runs to the stage!)


Jammed like an orange tree.

So I think I have it licked – if you’ve tried to go to this site and just get “Error establishing a database connection”, it’s likely due to memory exhaustion:

The likely culprit: /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/mpm_prefork.conf

<IfModule mpm_prefork_module>
StartServers 5
MinSpareServers 5
MaxSpareServers 10
MaxRequestWorkers 150
MaxConnectionsPerChild 0

And the log that let me catch it in the act:

[23743.574941] Out of memory: Kill process 857 (mysqld) score 45 or sacrifice child

[23743.575134] Killed process 857 (mysqld) total-vm:910236kB, anon-rss:21764kB, file-rss:0kB

[23747.982892] init: mysql main process (857) killed by KILL signal

[23747.982923] init: mysql main process ended, respawning

[23748.272600] init: mysql main process (6431) terminated with status 1

[23748.272617] init: mysql main process ended, respawning

[23749.210945] init: mysql post-start process (6432) terminated with status 1

[23749.364629] init: mysql main process (6467) terminated with status 1

[23749.364683] init: mysql respawning too fast, stopped

While I try to figure out how to get fastcgi and php-fpm going (I’m not in that “go rewrite config files” state of mind right now) I just turned down MaxRequestWorkers to prevent ram-sucking jams.

Speaking of things jamming…. I’m trading in my Harris Z16 for an orange tree soon. Yes, THIS GUY. I have yet to ever send this SSTV slide to anyone though. You know, sometimes life throws you orange playground balls. I really love radio and electronics but this thing will never, ever, send me alarms at 4 AM, and that makes me a lot happier.

Beeeeee-bloopblooopbleebloop... No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.....
Beeeeee-bloopblooopbleebloop… No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No…..
Note the lack of glow on the FAULT led, under the left LCD. This thing was my stand-in orange tree.


Largest mall in America, worst possible planning.

“There are a lot of folks in this town” who see these as good jobs, Gimenez said. “Everybody is focused on high-paying jobs. Not everybody is qualified for them. Twenty-thousand jobs are twenty-thousand jobs.”

I dunno, just give us another dodgy flea market and call it a day
I dunno man, just give us another dodgy flea market and call it a day

Yes, Gimenez, tell that to the people who will be employed at minimum wage and can’t afford basic living expenses and the commute to and from work. Vete pa’ la pinga. Thank you for the decades of complete lack of any urban and community planning.

This shit made me mad. Read on if you dare.

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The Knack… it’s not just a band

I was on this week’s edition of This Week In Radio Tech, episode #249. What were they thinking?

I guess they were quite intrigued in my attention to detail in design and troubleshooting. It’s definitely served me well. I might have had a little too much caffeine going though.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it. They’ll have the show up online shortly; I’ll link the episode here.

The mysterious Amertek Phonetic Equalizer

A friend of mine found this at a flea market and had no clue what it was. I looked it over and well, I have… not a clue what it is either. We found one US patent filing for it and that’s all she wrote… apparently the company was in New Mexico.

Apparently it is designed to equalize speech to make it more easily understandable by the hard of hearing.


I get the feeling this was a one-off unit, as a proof of concept.

wpid-imag3752.jpgPlease note that it is STUFFED TO THE GILLS with boards, including these:



The CPU board inside was made by New Micros Inc of Dallas, TX. It appears to be a Motorola 68HC11 dev board.




We know just about as much about how to use this device as this pug knows about using a trampoline.



Better to be pissed off than pissed on

This is a pair of very nice Fluke lab grade multimeters in pieces at the car wash after I turned my back a minute and something or someone pissed on them. They were not powered at the time and none got on the modules inside.




I took the opportunity to foaming wax them. The mixture was all blobby so I spread it with my hand. It stained!!