Things that make you go NOPE.

I’ve been shouting NOPE way too much as of late, haven’t I?

It just happens that the world of engineering presents me with way too much nope.

Here, have some nope from my collection.

Reading the spam queue is amusing.

“I’m going to watch out for brussels” seems to be a commonly repeating theme. Why?

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Don’t let this happen to you.


In your own home, this would be merely annoying.

In an installation where the thermostats are hard to get to, this would be very annoying. (I once had to change batteries on some that were 30 feet in the air!)

In a transmitter site, this is EPIC FAIL!!!

I was alerted to this problem by hearing the cooling fans in a large shared equipment room (the same one that awful Sprint equipment is in!) spooling up for takeoff.

There are two HVAC units in there, both had the same digital thermostats with the same dead batteries. Room temperature was at 98 and quickly rising.

Always insist on line powered thermostats for installations like this!!!

The MotoTRBO chirp

Motorola XPR6550

In case you’re curious, that four tone chirp your MotoTRBO radio emits as a talk permit tone is G6, C6, G6, E6; that’s 1569, 1046, 1569, 1317 hz. Each tone sounds for 40mSec with no silence between.

I’d heard that you can customize it on Hytera DMR radios, so if you want them to all sound alike, there you go.

Here, just throw your laundry in the TIME MACHINE

I was waiting for a very long traffic signal to let me cross the street when I heard some really loud washing machine sounds from an open air laundromat a few hundred feet away. Loud. Old school.


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