A useful continuum

Chances product will work efficiently, safely, and properly, as designed and advertised <--------------> Number of superfluous high brightness blue LEDs integrated into product

I have yet to find an exception to this rule.

Robots Experiment

I’m collecting a blacklist of BAD ROBOTS!!!


Seriously, this link is only for robots that do not respect robots.txt directives. Don’t click it or your user info will pollute the database. The actual link is the period at the end of this sentence. Tiny, so it doesn’t get mistakenly clicked.

And now the links you CAN click:
The data will be visible here – .htaccess format / more info but not suitable for pasting into an .htaccess

Flaky play/pause or cue buttons on a Denon CD player?


Solution :
A) disassemble the player and resolder these cracked solder joints below the affected buttons
B) instruct DJ(s) to not pound the buttons
C) if B is ineffective, pound on DJ until it is

Shown here : dn-s1000, play button is in the far corner. I’ve seen the same problem on most Denons and a couple of Stantons.


When I originally posted this, my phone autocorrected “Denon” to “Demon”. Boy, when these solder joints go bad… you’ll think there IS a demon in your CD player, bent on ruining your DJ sets… 😀

Spork and Speef

Click to view the horror

Say what you will about the American diet as it stands today — at least we don’t have this around anymore. See, food was disturbing as hell in the 70s.
Just ask Betty Crocker.

Onwards to the disturbing gelatinous “Meat” In A Can:


Thanks to x-ray delta one on flickr, who has this beautiful set of Regrettable Food pics…..!!