Robert Reich hit the nail on the head.

I was listening to the episode of the Tavis Smiley show that aired yesterday with an interview with Robert Reich regarding the massive failures in the current American economy, and found it most refreshing to note that I’m not alone in observing the current issues facing the country.

It’s no surprise to say we’ve legitimately slipped from democracy to oligarchy. What surprises me is actually that this took so long to come to light – eventually, reluctantly, the media started to look at it NOW for some reason, but will still give no attention to those who seek to reverse the problem. Anyway… I found it interesting to note that he’s also aware of the curious “upward distribution” of wealth that keeps the lower class and working poor (a very disturbing new concept in itself) in a cycle of endless desperation.

Where’s the upward distribution? Everywhere. Have you also noticed there are entire DISTRICTS of check cashing stores now, constantly rising utility bills, and nonstop consolidations in the corporate world? It’s really noticeable in Miami, where infrastructure and political boundaries literally wall off the poor from the rich so they aren’t inconvenienced by having to share space with us saps who don’t make six figures a year or live off a trust fund.

It’s probably worth questioning why both the media and politicians have, for years, sold out to allow these issues to be swept under the rug. It’s definitely not in the public’s best interest. Unfortunately, it’s in their owners’ best interest, so that’s what we get. Yes, I am indeed implying that the government itself has sold out. Why else would they sign in bills written entirely by lobbyists?

The scary part is, I can’t really even see a way the problem can be outright fixed. It’s too deeply ingrained in every part of our systems of commerce and government. Alas, public awareness is definitely the first step towards correcting it.

And this is the biggest fucking Amscot I have ever seen, right on the western edge of Murder Gardens, Florida. Admire its predatory lending splendor.

Source: Google Street View - click to view on Google Maps.
Source: Google Street View – click to view on Google Maps.

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