Shitpost #3141592

In honor of whoever the holder of mysterious Dogecoin whale account is having made deposits of 420, 69, 420.69, and 3.141592 coins just to show off. (who the hell are you?)

Today I found out this mysterious BK Dynascan component tester/curve tracer was also sold as the Polar T-1000 or T-1200 so I finally have a manual! Woo.

And with the posting of Milkwalker, I dedicate the rest of this to shitposts and random memes.

Facebook ad for card skimming equipment. they did not appear to make any effort to take it down.

Proof of what happens when you run an ad exchange with absolutely no quality control (hi Facebook)

Trying to figure out if it’s possible to do anything particularly neat with this glow in the dark fabric paint (messy as hell)

There was a box in the store room at work that mentioned dessicant packs with a weird bird logo on them. Was not disappointed by opening the box. There’s a compartment inside the big Fujinon box lenses that holds one to prevent moisture buildup on the giant dinner plate sized optics.

The infamous Serial Fan Moncher Condenser.

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