Shitposting in helical scan

Yes this one’s almost all ridiculous images.

So we had a power outage at home for a few minutes and it proved that where I live loses ALL telecommunications services instantly once it goes down. Fun! I just happened to have attended the first virtual FTPcon where there was a talk about the CellSol project. Now I have three test devices on it. There are a few LoRA projects like it including Meshtastic and Disaster Radio, I haven’t played with those yet. CellSol seems like a really super simple one and now I have a repeater on the roof at work with a cat face drawn on it

The thing missing of course is any coordination of linking that to the outside world like the self-destructing cellular and cable/VoIP networks do…

Land line USED TO be an option here before Frontier and Comcast danced an elaborate ballet of monopoly politics and consumer screwage…
Speaking of things that work Just Great, welcome to ATSC3 where the transport stream is made up and the programs don’t matter
Somehow this exists
Tri-color foaming video
Sony VO-5800 transport, refreshingly simple compared to the horror show that is the BVU-800
Two of themb
“wtf, it works again?!”
Multi Wavelength Grunderloom

I wonder what the business end of those connectors looks like

What I send someone when I receive an undesired dick pic
Speaking of unwanted protuberance

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