Flipper, where are you?

I confused the tiny dolphin somehow. My Flipper Zero either ran out of battery power, or maybe actually didn’t, and seemed to refuse to fully boot up or charge. The charge status claimed both charged and empty, and “Limited to 3.8 volts”. Strange. I thought I’d have to go in there and disconnect the battery to reset it but it was easier than that!

I found the reset instructions and they’re kinda amusing:

1) Plug in the USB charger, go to Settings / Power / Power Off

2) confirm with the sad looking dolphin that you want to power off. A very Windows 95-esque “It’s now safe to unplug” screen comes up.

3) reconnect the USB charger

4) Hold the back button (20-30 sec?)

Bam, it lit right back up and resumed normal operation. The battery seems perfectly fine.

I’m not really sure what confused the device in the first place, but it just required a silly little dance to get it back.