You know who you are, I hope

Wow, for someone who made such a big deal about mental health and avoiding burnout a few weeks ago, you sure did an interesting job of turning the tables and forcing the kind of always-on work balance that will ensure you burn out and drive off your staff. Also I wish to point out that you’ve made me more anxious about how everything I do in the workplace is going to be perceived because you both appreciate it so much and approve of none of it because you don’t think what anyone in the department is doing is Good For The Company that you told me you don’t care that much about.

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Please correct your management style before I have to start thinking of you in terms of colorful British swears.

Thank you.

Yes, I’m glad they resigned this…

So you know how GatesAir has that cool little integrated pump station for their liquid cooled transmitters nowadays? Yeah uh it was not always that nice. Presenting…. the older one circa 2009. It’s interesting.

This poor thing was running on EMPTY, time to juice it up! Let’s see, uh…. wait. You can’t just let it draw the solution in out of a bucket, you must use an external pump to force it in there! The expansion tank is very much on the wrong side of the pump to make pressurizing the system the same way you do with the newer systems possible.

Oh and it’s all on the outdoor side and the pumps get all nasty due to weather exposure. Both of these units have one bad pump each. Yaaaackkkk.


REALLY? The possum focus group reacts.

I unfortunately didn’t get pictures of the mess that occurred when the charging pump blechhhhh’d all over the floor or when that main vent pictured above inexplicably yacked on the wall behind it but suffice to say mess was made here.

Does this say crap! because in my mind it does.