¡Come Pinga!

Best driver of the year award goes to….. Girl who spent more on her weave and her phone than she did on her car, who slowly drifted out of her lane while poring over something on her phone.

Fuck this city, I had to go hurry up to go wait in traffic and didn't get time to paint my nails as usual

I didn’t notice this until I felt a very wrong sensation and heard an odd sound and my car started wanting to push left. I looked over and the first thing I saw was my rear view mirror stuck right through her open window next to her face.

I realized I didn’t want to spook her because she’d do something and make it worse… So I gently moved left, getting my mirror out of her oblivious face and gave her some room…. then let loose with the horn.

The phone popped back down and she swerved all the hell over the place before slamming the gas and leaving a cloud of blue gray smoke. Then the phone popped right back up again and she rear ended a dump truck ten seconds later. Of course since she’s already on SR-22 she just ran. So did the dump truck.

But that’s none of my business.

Billboard FAIL.

Billboards along I-95… They’ve just kind of always been a thing. Well, now this one isn’t, and I bet it made a bit of noise when it lost the battle.

Snap! Wham!
It's every bit as ratchet as it looks.
Electrical panel shelter

To say this would have killed anyone in its path would be an understatement. Luckily it just went splat into a field. Seeing how awful the company (likely none other than Clear Channel!) let it get… I’m not walking near one on a windy day ever again.

Nonsense bonus: stainless spot weld failure.