Tandy Leather, the survivor

Remember when I commented on the demise of RadioShack – former Tandy Corporation? I left out an important detail. Tandy Corporation was once parent company of Tandy Leather, which they spun off at some point and is still around today.

They have vastly fewer stores, but they’re still going and take mail and online orders.

The important cool part about all this: they were the one survivor of the Tandy empire!!

Their stores also offer classes on leatherwork.

So, for your viewing pleasure, feel free to compare the visual design and copy writing style to that of an old Radio Shack catalog.

This one’s from 1986 and I still have it for the moment to identify some of the tools my late uncle left behind. The Craftool stuff is just amazingly built. Does any of this even still exist or did cheap Chinese junk blow it out of the market? Who knows. All I know is the remaining Tandy store in Broward is the only place I’ve been able to find grommets that aren’t paper thin and self destruct when you try to set them. 🙂

Already we see that font...
I remember he had this... but elaborately stained, tooled, and laced like crazy.
I have a love/hate relationship with that ruby blade after it got my fingers hidden deep in a disheveled box of tools...
Anyone else get the mental picture of this being laid out at a scout meeting?
Not anymore, but they still have a bunch nationwide.

Interestingly, the mail order worked via the stores – you’d send the order to your nearby store.

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