The mysterious Amertek Phonetic Equalizer

A friend of mine found this at a flea market and had no clue what it was. I looked it over and well, I have… not a clue what it is either. We found one US patent filing for it and that’s all she wrote… apparently the company was in New Mexico.

Apparently it is designed to equalize speech to make it more easily understandable by the hard of hearing.


I get the feeling this was a one-off unit, as a proof of concept.

wpid-imag3752.jpgPlease note that it is STUFFED TO THE GILLS with boards, including these:



The CPU board inside was made by New Micros Inc of Dallas, TX. It appears to be a Motorola 68HC11 dev board.




We know just about as much about how to use this device as this pug knows about using a trampoline.



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