The oddball HP Pavilion 500

This is the weirdest mini tower PC I’ve ever seen.

It’s pure essence of cheap.

It’s almost like a Chinese fake of what you expect.


First warning sign something is amiss : laptop power adapter.

Let’s look at that full back panel.


There are ridges where slots should be. But why aren’t they cut out and usable?




SATA drive power comes off tiny JST headers.


This is just bizarre. It’s like a mini itx board but with 99% less flexibility.


This is definitely a Carly Fiorina special.

2 thoughts on “The oddball HP Pavilion 500”

  1. I got here because I ordered one of these motherboards (767104-001) in a quest that I’ve taken up to make an inexpensive and quiet 1U rack mount computer (SuperChassis 512L-200B case) to attach to a M-Audio Delta TDIF soundcard as a VST processor. I’m going to adapt that minipcie slot to a 32-bit PCI slot with an asmedia bridge card and some adapters and ribbon cables. Wish me luck hahaha. Does look like a “landfiller” computer as another forum called it.

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