The old Plantation Fashion Mall

How on earth did WordPress EAT this the first time I posted it? Anyway… I am saddened I never got to see the old Plantation Fashion Mall open, after seeing some beautiful pictures of it after closing.

From Cap Blackard's beautiful photo set of the mall after closing.
From Cap Blackard’s beautiful photo set of the mall after closing.

Well. What do we do with closed malls in South Florida? YAFULC ‘EM!!! Yet Another Fucking Urban Lifestyle Center, GO! This one calls for 750 residential units and an amazingly generous TWO possible entrances and exits – one of which puts you in a neverending traffic jam on University Drive, the other dumps you to a two lane residential street that serves thousands of other residential units in other complexes. Same shit, different toilet, and much like the American [Wet] Dream project, it’s Made In China.

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